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Optimise Health and Wellness

What we do

Occupational Therapy

Our role as Occupational Therapists is to work with people across the lifespan to help them to improve their quality of life and enable them to be as independent as possible.  We work with our clients to understand their goals and challenges and together devise strategies to help clients be the best possible self.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy

My role as a mental health occupational Therapist is to work with you to assist you to manage your mental health and overcome challenging thoughts and subsequent behaviours.  I work utilising a focussed psychological therapy platfom and utilise a variety of therapy modalities to help you to have the best positive outcome. 

Personal Training

Our personal trainers work with people to improve their overall physical functioning.  We work out of our therapy gym collaboratively with our allied health team to implement programs set.  Throughout our services we improve social skills, cardio-vascular fitness, strength and endurance and functional fitness (the ability to do daily activities).  We also run group exercise programs to enhance social connections.

Registered Nurse

Our registered nurse works with our team to monitor and assist your medical needs/conditions including complex wounds, compression therapy, diabetic education at home, continence assessment and general health checks.

Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager oversees and supervises all support co-ordination and daily operational needs to ensure effective service delivery to clients.

Human Resources and Quality Improvement Manager

Our Human Resources and Quality Improvement Manager, is responsible for the strategic and coherent approach to effective and efficient management of people and processes within.

Support Coordinators

Our support coordinator act as case managers who assist participants to identify services needed and to source them.  Support coordinators assist you to monitor your plans and to help you to manage your service and support budgets. 

Therapy Assistants

Our therapy assistants work in collaboration with our therapists to deliver ongoing services to our participants.  Our therapy assistants work in the background supporting our therapists, to organise resources, equipment trials, builders and suppliers for us and to assist us with set up and implementation of assessments and intervention.

Plan Managers

Our plan managers work in collaboration with our participants in order to ensure smoothly, timely and fluent payments of invoices for services being delivered under an NDIS Plan.  Our plan management team are savvy in the knowledge regarding contractual agreements and ensure your payments are always made in alignment with these.

Support Services

Our support service team are our back bone.  They work with participants in the community to assist them to do their daily activities in their home or in the community.  They assist people to build capacity in relevant areas and work with our therapy team to ensure this is delivered in the best way possible.



All of our medicare services are delivered with no out of pocket expense.

We are registered with Connect to Wellbeing which allows us to deliver innovative evidence based practice.

  • Medicare Australia
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Connect to Wellbeing
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • My Health for Life
  • PHN
  • Integrated Living
  • Lives Without Barriers

Optimise Health and Wellness