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Optimise Health and Wellness



You are able to see your GP and arrange for a Chronic Disease Care plan or a mental health care plan in order for your services to be bulk billed.  Once this is actioned, your GP will transfer this to our clinic and you will be contacted by our friendly reception team to arrange a booking.  These services are all bulk billed with no out of pocket expense.

Mental health

You are able to gain access to mental health services via a mental health care plan initiated by your GP, alternatively you may be eligible for services to be provided under Connect to Wellbeing (Primary Health Network Funding).  These services continue to be delivered with no out of pocket expense.

Occupational Therapy (non chronic disease)

We work under the NDIS funding platform where you are able to self refer or have our support coordinator and LAC make contact with us to arrange your initial assessment.  We also, are able to access HICAP – if you have private health insurance.  Alternatively you may be able to utilise the Chronic Disease Case plan from your GP to access our services for conditions that have been present for greater than 6 months.

Personal Training

Our personal training services are prodiminetly delivered under the NDIS program.  You are able to self refer to our office to arrange the same.  Alternatively, if you have a support coordinator, you may ask them to make contact with our office to arrange a referral on your behalf.

Support Services

We deliver support services under the NDIS funding platform.  You are able to self refer to our office or have your support coordinator contact us to make the necessary arrangements for you.

We also work in collaboration with Lives without barriers to deliver CCRC services to people under the age of 65 years within the community.  Our staff are able to assist you to gain access to CCRC services by making contact with our office.

Support Coordination and Plan Management

These services will be included in your NDIS plan.  You are able to make direct contact with our friendly reception team to book an initial appointment to set up your arrangements.


We are committed to delivering services to current and former members of the Department of Veteran Affairs.  We require you to gain a D904 referral from your GP in order for us to be able to book your appointment. 

Optimise Health and Wellness